Microblading, also known as 3D Eyebrows, is a relatively new semi-permanent makeup technique done with a manual handtool. It is the process of inserting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to emulate natural hairs. Individual realistic hair-like strokes are drawn in one stroke at a time to create very natural, realistic / 3 dimensional looking eyebrows.


Microblading plus shading is a manual form of shading that is done on top of microbladed eyebrows to add more density and color. This service can be done on all skin types and anyone that wants a more filled/powdered in eyebrow look, but is especially beneficial for those who have very sparse eyebrows that need more filling in, or those who have very oily skin to retain the shape and the color for a prolonged period.


Los Angeles based brow expert, Jewlz Park, is a girl of many talents. She's a singer, artist, MUA, and a certified PMU. Her father who is a professional opera singer and mother who was a fine artist made it inevitable that music, art, and creativity would define her as a person.
Jewlz has been a freelance makeup artist for the past decade. She applied much of the same techniques of painting and drawing into her makeup application. When it came to shaping and filling in the eyebrows, she made sure it was all about perfect proportion, balance, and symmetry.

She has worked on countless fashion shoots, music videos, and special events, with clients ranging from musical artists to fashion models. Every client she's ever worked on would fall in love with the way she shaped and filled their eyebrows, and they would be filled with so much joy and confidence. She developed a nickname known as the "The Eyebrow Queen," which led her to become interested in microblading 3D eyebrows. She thought to herself,

"If I can make people this happy for a day with regular makeup, I can help them feel happy everyday since permanent make up doesn't wash off !"

With her experience and background in art and professional make up, she decided to apply her skills and knowledge into the world of semi-permanent make up.
She trained hard and became certified in 2015 at the top of her class. She developed her own style, technique, and approach to microblading while mastering her craft. Her blading mantra is not only to be beautiful, but always natural, exceeding expectations and striving for perfection. 

Brows by Jewlz offers you a fresh new take on semi-permanent make up artistry and, just like her slogan, her goal is simply to make people happy, one eyebrow at a time !

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For questions email me at jewlzparkbeauty@gmail.com